Yoga For New Beginnings  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For New Beginnings | Yoga With Adriene

– Hey everyone, and
welcome to Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene and today we have
a yoga for new beginnings. So this is perfect as we gear up for a bright and
beautiful new year. This is a quick practice, so we’re gonna
get right into it. Creating space
with conscious breath for your body and your mind. Hop into something comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Okay, my darlin’s,
let’s begin today in extended Child’s Pose. If this is not a
good shape for your body, you can just sit up in
a nice comfortable seat, hands resting
gently in your lap. Bring the knees nice and wide for your extended Child’s Pose, and really, really
today, see if you can reach, reach,
reach the fingertips really far out, what’s up, dog? And then keep the
fingertips glued where they are and then melt everything down. Welcome to your practice. And the funny thing is,
even though we say yoga for new beginnings, it’s really just
about being present in the space that
you’re creating right now. So through that
practice, and really, this is a mindfulness practice, we let go of the past. We respect it, but we let it go. And we let go of our desire or sometimes need to control. We cannot control the future. A lot of times, when we stress, it’s a stress
of something that if we could only pause
and be mindful in the moment and realize that it’s out of our control,
we could save ourself a lot of time and anxious energy. So, all that to say,
close your eyes here, and use this moment
here in the beginning of our practice,
which is rather quick today, to drop into whatever’s going
on in the present moment. You have an opportunity
to take the invitation, again, to let go of the past, even the day thus far. Maybe acknowledge it with
a little bit of gratitude, thank you, to all the
things that happened this year that helped me become exactly who I am, and to be
exactly where I’m at, today, right now,
in this moment. Begin to gently
deepen your breath if you have not already. Extending your inhalation. And elongating your exhalation. Use your breath
to anchor the mind throughout this
little practice to be mindful of every
nuance, every sensation in both mind, heart,
and the physical body. Alright, start to
slowly make your way back up to all fours. Nice and slow, hands
come just underneath, excuse me,
wrists just underneath the shoulders, and then knees just underneath the hip points. Then close your eyes
and inhale, drop the belly, open the chest. And then after
you’ve taken a big breath, here, hold the breath,
retain it, and then exhale to
round through the spine, empty, empty, empty it all out. And then inhale
to drop the belly, open the chest. Feel the skin of your
front body stretch here. Then pause after
you’ve a nice deep breath in, retain the breath,
hold the breath at the top. And then exhale,
everything releases, navel draws up, chin to chest. (sharply exhales) One more time,
inhale, carve a line with the nose
forward, up, and out. Hold the breath,
retain at the top, claw through
the fingertips here, shoulders draw
down away from the ears. Phew, and then exhale,
and round through, breathe out, press
away from your yoga mat. Awesome, inhale,
come to neutral spine. Then you’re gonna
curl the right toes under, send the right
toes all the way out, and then nice and
slow, you can lift the front body up to
meet the back body here, you’re gonna
create space by drawing right toes all the way
over towards the left side of your mat, you’re gonna turn to look at your right toes. Keep pressing
out of your yoga mat, you can come to
fists here if you need, pressing into the thumbs. And then again
with the breath, inhale, pause and hold at the top. And then exhale to release. Everything, come
back to all fours. Press away from your yoga mat, creaky old floor,
comin’ back at us, comin’ back atcha,
okay, curl the left toes, slide ’em out. There’s opportunity
for a little nuance, stretching
throughout this whole practice, so find what feels good, and when you’re ready,
guide the left toes over towards the
right side of your mat, turn to look at your
right toes and then press away. Feel that space
as you breathe in. Pause, hold the
breath at the top. And then exhale, release, bring it all the
way back, awesome. Walk the knees in together. You’re gonna send the hips back. Come to sit on the knees,
if this is not available for you in the knees,
you can just come to a nice comfortable seat. Thriller arms,
send the fingertips forward. Relax the shoulders. Then right arms are
gonna go across the left, you’re gonna
take the left forearm, excuse me, right
forearm with the left hand and just nice,
easy stretch here. So lift up from
the pelvic floor here, think about creating space in the lower belly, the abdomen, all
four sides of the torso expanding as you breathe in. And then keep finding places where you can relax, shoulders, skin of
the face, forehead, as you breathe out. Awesome, back to
Thriller arms, inhale, then exhale take
it to the other side. And then slowly bring it back, Thriller arms,
we’ll flip the script, you’re gonna take the
hands all the way back down, so that means
flip the palms, sorry, and then come all the way down. I’m like, everyone
knows my cues already. Not necessarily, Adriene. Okay, and then you’re
gonna turn the arms out just a bit so that the elbow
creases are shining forward. And then walk
the knees back out, hip width apart, and
we’ll curl the toes under, and we’ll send it
to Downward Facing Dog. Take a deep breath in
here as you pedal it out. Yogi’s choice to
pause and hold the breath, retain it at the top,
or just continue with a nice, fluid breath. Then find stillness,
bend your knees, belly comes toward
the tops of the thighs, cleansing breath here again, out with the old, in
with the new, what’s present. Inhale in through the nose, and exhale, lion’s
breath, tongue out. Don’t be shy now. Alright, anchor the left heel, and your just gonna slowly slide the right toes all the way up, lower onto your left knee. Then loop the shoulders
forward, up, and back, and let your heart
energy radiate forward here. So fingertips
can be on the earth, they can be on
blocks, or if you like, you can sweep the fingertips
up high towards the sky, press through that front leg, front knee over
front ankle, and reach up. Now, you can keep the
back toes curled under or press into the
top of the back foot, and feel that
power, that energy, that reverberation, that
kind of like rebound effect of pressing back
foot into the earth and lifting up
from your pelvic floor. Take one more
breath in here, you got it, then exhale to rain it down. Now we’re gonna
straighten through the front leg by sending the hips back,
but my left hip’s just gonna stack
over my left knee, here, so it’s not gonna go past. And you can straighten the leg or keep it nice and bent, flex your right toes
toward your third eye. Breathe deep. Here’s to making
room for the new stuff, kind of shedding some weight, whether it’s energetically or maybe even
some physical weight that you’re
holding on your body, and working to move
a little bit lighter and with more
ease in the new year. So dig your right heel in, and we’re gonna
come all the way through. And then left hand
comes to the earth, right hand comes
around to the left, so the thumbs are close, and we come into a
little Lizard variation here. As you inhale,
let your heart energy radiate forward once again. And then exhale, draw
your chin to your chest. Now yogi’s choice here,
you can onto the forearms if you want a
deeper stretch in the hip. If you want a little heat today, a little fire lit in your core, curl the back toes under
and lift the back knee. And then if you want
a little bit of both, maybe you practice back heel reaching towards the
back edge of your mat, elbows on the earth. Breathe deep, whatever
variation, nice and easy. The minute we
start to hold our breath is the minute we
constrict the flow of energy. Which, if you’re
doing this in real time, it’s New Year’s Eve,
and this would be a really good time to
get the energy flowing consciously rather
than to restrict, so. There you go. Alright, if you’re
on your forearms, come on back up,
frame your right foot. You’re gonna plant the palms, and you’re gonna
step it to a Half Plank on the knees, or a full Plank. Just one of these,
so choose wisely, big breath, exhale, lower down all the way to the belly. Inhale, (clears throat)
oh excuse me, inhale, scoop the
heart forward, up, and back, forward, up, and back. And here we are in a Cobra, press into your pubic bone, press into the tops of the feet, squeeze your elbows in, and then exhale to release. Curl the toes under, make your way back
to Downward Facing Dog. Here we go, lion’s breath. Elbow creases shining forward, claw through your fingertips, bend your knees, belly comes
to the tops of the thighs, create lots of
space on the side body, lengthen, lengthen, lengthen, and then take a deep
breath in through your nose, fill ‘er up, and exhale, lion’s breath, gaze towards your
third eye, tongue out. (sharply exhales) Sweet, really nice. We’ll drag slowly,
left toes now, all the way up to your lunge. Lower the back knee. Actively loop the
shoulders forward, up, and back. So your shoulder
bones kind of come together and melt down your back body. And maybe find a little opening in your heart here,
let it shine forward. And then you can stay here,
nice and low, or maybe, you send the fingertips up high feel that connection
to your back foot, back leg, lift up
from your pelvic floor, create a nice, fluid highway for the energy to
flow up and down the spine. Front knee over front ankle, give it one more breath, inhale, and then exhale, slowly release. Gently pull the
left hip crease back, straighten
through your front leg, left toes
towards your third eye. So there’s a
variation of this shape where we go way
back, see if you can go ahead and keep this right hip over the right knee here. And then, at least a micro-bend
in this left leg here, but you can go big
bend or straighten, but whenever I say straighten, I always mean
slight bend. (chuckles) And then we’ll dig
into that left heel, nice and slow, roll through, bring the left hand
over to join the right, thumbs near each other,
and here we go, check it out on this side. Inhale to look forward first, feel that spaciousness
in your root chakra, right, we’re
getting ready to build a new foundation for a new year, those practicing in real time, but again, this
will be great for anyone who’s practicing this to start again. (laughs) To circle back to
the present moment. Take a variation on
this side that feels awesome. One that inspires nice,
full, buoyant breath. So you can think of every inhale as an opportunity
to just create space, again, invite a fresh
sense back into the body, and then use the exhale to relax and let go of
anything that yeah, is not serving you anymore. Sweet, then slowly come
back up, take your time. We’re gonna frame the left foot. We’re gonna just come to
a little Half Plank here, so Half Plank or all fours. And then you’re gonna
walk the knees together, really together, and
then paint your yoga mat with your palms
as you drag the hands all the way back and melt down. Child’s Pose,
traditional version, balasana. So, we allow the
shoulders to round, we feel the spaciousness,
spacious, dang it, spaciousness (laughs) now in the upper back
body, belly softens. And as you
breathe in, see if you can feel the skin
of your lower back, by the kidneys, your
skin kind of stretches as you breathe in. That’s how
conscious your breath is, and then soften
and everything relaxes as you breath out. And then tuck the chin, and slowly we’ll rise up. We’re gonna come into
a nice, comfortable seat of your choice,
so it can be a traditional sukhasana, Meditation Pose, in fact, if you
wanna come to lie down on your back, that’s fine too, but you’re just
gonna come to a place where you can be still
for a couple breath cycles. Hands at the heart. We’ll sit up nice and tall. Just feel the
length of the spine. Just notice how you
feel the flush of energy. A little goes a long way. And gently tuck your chin and choose to listen here. So the studies are showin’ it, this isn’t just
some sort of like, ancient yoga
philosophy or teaching, the studies now
say, oh yes, it’s very wise, might be
very smart and wise to pay attention to
the power of your thoughts. And your thoughts
of course inspire your words, the language. So take a moment
here to just, again, notice how you feel. And choose to listen. Sometimes the intention
doesn’t come right away. But by showing up on your mat, and just listening to your body. In my opinion, that is enough. Take another deep breath in. And this time, as you exhale, allow your thumbs
to come all the way to your third eye,
head gently bows. I’m kind of pressing
just on the brow bone here, at the very least this
is good for your sinuses, and just kind of
connecting to that place where many people connect to intuition,
to that inner teacher. Then again, you don’t
have to have the answers, but just showing up to listen in my opinion, is enough. You rock, I rock,
we all rock, inhale. Exhale, relax the
shoulders, lift the head up. Namaste, great work. If you’re doing this in
real time, Happy New Year. I will be seeing many of
you, hopefully all of you, tomorrow for our
first day of 2018, our 30 Days of Yoga,
True is comin’ atcha, everyone’s invited,
if you don’t know what I’m talking
about, check it out. If you’re not
doing this in real time, I wish you a very
figurative Happy New Year, any time of the year,
I have your back, feel free to send
a comment or message if you need anything at all. And again, Happy
New Year everyone, I’ll see you tomorrow. (upbeat music)