Yoga for Pregnant Moms

[Soothing music] Welcome to yoga for pregnant moms. I’m Samantha, and I will be offering you some postures or movements that might feel really good for you during your pregnancy. We have Kim here who’s going to offer us our beginner sequence, we have Alyssa who’s going to be providing our intermediate postures and movements, and then Sarah will be offering some more advanced moves. Some of the postures you might be more beginner, intermediate, and advanced, so just look where feels good for you. Take what you like and leave the rest. We’re going to get started
in a comfortable seated position. This might be sitting down
on the ground with your legs crossed, or sitting on your knees
with your hips towards your heels. Wherever you are, just settle
into this space and this time. Stack your shoulders over your hips feel your spine lengthen. If it’s comfortable for you, you can close your eyes or you can look about two or three feet
in front of your mat to find a gentle gaze. Land in this space and in this time. Pregnancy offers us a lot of challenges,
and also a lot of beautiful moments. As we sit here find something to be grateful for… And breathe. Slight tuck of your tailbone to find a straight tall spine. If it feels comfortable for you,
you can bring your hands to heart center. And inhale, and exhale. This could be called “setting an intention.”
You can inhale “I am,” and exhale, think of positive thought.
Maybe you’re grateful or excited for this journey. Maybe you’re just enough, or present. Something that feels good. Inhale “I am,” Exhale, positive thought. Inhale “I am,” Exhale, positive thought. If you don’t have something you’re thinking about, it’s okay to just sit here
and be in this moment, in this space. Inhale… Exhale. Gently flutter your eyes open,
release your hands down to your knees, inhale your arms up overhead and exhale your arms back down. You might be going at a
different pace from someone in the video. Don’t worry about that.
Just inhale your arms up overhead and Exhale your arms back down Now try to match your inhale and exhale
so inhale arms up overhead, Exhale for the same duration. Inhale, 2, 3, 4… Exhale, 2, 3, 4… Inhale, 2, 3, 4… Exhale, 2, 3, 4. Really feel your sitz bone’s root. Keep going… Tall spine, create space
in between your ears and your shoulders. One more. Inhale… Exhale. Release. Uncross your legs. Come over onto
your left side as you make your way onto all fours. “All fours” just means that you’re stacking your shoulders over your wrists and your knees under your hips. Go slowly, and if you need to
feel free to take water at any time. How we’re going to start it is
toes tucked on the mat, so heels towards the ceiling. Flat back, so if you have any arch in your back, Puff-puff up and push into my hands. Yeah good, so really flat back from the
tip of your head to the base of your spine. This is your neutral position. From here, look down at your hands and perhaps angle them out towards the long
end of your mat just ever so slightly, and breathe. From here, inhale shine your collar bone towards the front of the room, come through, let your belly drop. Exhale, press the mat away, untuck your toes… Cat. Really, press your shoulders towards the ceiling, and untuck your toes so that the
top part of your feet is flat on the mat. So the shoelace side of your feet. Then inhale come back through again. Let your belly come through. Cat. Reverse your spine, push them out away. Good. From here, we’re going to have our beginner… So, come back to neutral still have your neck in line with your spine. So and then press up into my hand. So we’re trying to create a long nice spine there. So we’re just going to hold here for just a minute. This is still working our core. So for our beginner, we’re gonna just reach our right hand out towards the front of the room and hold. Intermediate, right hand out towards the front of the room left leg towards the back, foot still flexed and hips are squared. Advanced, right hand towards the front of the room left foot towards the back of the room. Beginner and Intermediate, hold. Advanced, exhale squeeze in bring your elbow towards your knee, inhale back out, extended. Good. Two more, keep holding. If this is too much, bring your knees back down just hold. Last one, Sarah. And return to neutral. Plant your right hand back into the mat, find your neutral spine. So press up so there’s no dip in your back. Inhale… Exhale. Now opposite side. Left hand towards the front of the room for Beginner. Left hand and right leg for Intermediate and Advanced left hand, right leg backs wearing your hips down towards the mat. Good. And exhale curl in so that’s that same movement of arching and Cat or in Cow and exhaling into Cat. We’re also working on lengthening and balance in this and we’re also working on our core stability and rooting into the earth right here. So every single pose you’re getting some really great benefits. Once you’ve done four, return your hand down to the mat, find neutral, reset. Inhale to Cow. Shine your collar bone to the front of the room, let your belly drop. Untuck your toes. Exhale, press the mat away. Really puff up in between your shoulder blades, good. Release any tension in your neck. From here, one more cow. So shine your collar bone to the front. Exhale, sit back, bring your hips towards your heels, and because you’re pregnant bring your knees a little further apart so your belly can hang through. It’s a modified Child’s Pose. So only go to the depth that feels good for you. So, no tension in your neck, hands out towards the front of the mat, and let it all go. Reset. Find that breath. Inhale, 2, 3, 4. Exhale, 2, 3, 4. Breathe so deeply that your back body rises up, and you’re really expanding your lungs. Exhale. We’re going to return to Cat-Cow, but we’re gonna add on. So from here, take one more exhale, Inhale, press up come all the way into your Cow Pose. So shine your collar bone forward, let your belly dip, arch, tuck two toes good exhale, press the mat away puff up in between your shoulder blades Untuck your toes shoelace side down, release any tension in your neck. One more inhale towards the front of the room. Now this time exhale lift your hips towards the ceiling Downward Facing Dog. So press the mat away lift up. If this is too much come back down to your knees But since this is our first downward dog of the practice, we’ll workshop it a little bit So everybody find more space in between your hands So more space in between every single finger and then grip each knuckle onto the earth You might need to rotate your hand out ever so slightly So your middle finger doesn’t have to be at 12 o’clock or towards the front. It could be out just slightly Now from here, press towards your thighs a little bit more. So yeah, excellent adjustment So hips are up towards the sky. If you need to, take a slight bend in your knees to bring your hips higher – good! Now release any tension in your neck and then try to shine the crease of your elbow towards the front of the room. That’s why we’re rotating out with our hands instead of having them to the front. And everybody’s angles are going to be different. So just be in your body and be in your breath. Hold… Inhale, exhale lift your hips just ever so slightly higher. Exhale, release your knees to the mat, come into Child’s Pose. Take a wide wide knee, relax, no tension in your neck. Breathe. Inhale, fill your lungs, press your back away. Exhale, let something that no longer serves you go. Be on the mat and in this space. Don’t worry about what’s coming next. Just be in this pose. Exhale. Inhale, back to Cow. Shine your collarbone towards the front of the room. Press into the mat, tucked toes, belly down. Exhale, press the mat away, push-up in between your shoulder blades, untuck your toes. Shoelace-side down. Good! Inhale, one more time. Shine your collarbone forward, feel your spine warming up. Exhale, lift your hips towards the ceiling. Downward Facing Dog. If this is a lot on your shoulders, you can actually take a wider stance with your feet. So Kim go ahead and… yeah good! And then bend in your knees. And this will help keep your hips shooting up towards the sky, but take a little pressure out of your wrists and your shoulders. And release your neck… Gentle… Breathe… Where does your mind go when your body is challenged? Adding on here, we’re going to shift forward into Plank. So in Plank, We’re trying to stack our shoulders over our wrists. So shift forward everybody. Bring your shoulders over your wrists and bring your bottom down in line with your spine. Good! Now puff up in between your shoulder blades, kind of like we did in Cow, I mean in Cat, and we’re really strong here. If you need to, feel free to come down to your knees. It’s an excellent modification for your Plank. Now everybody exhale, bring your knees down, exhale, come back into your extended Child’s Pose. Let it go… Reset. Breathe… Bring your forehead to the right and left. Gentle massage as you feel your forehead meet the earth. Next round. Inhale, come back up to Cow. We know where we’re going. Shine collarbone towards the front of the room. Let your belly dip. Exhale into your Cat, press the mat away. Inhale, back up into Cow, and exhale, lift your hips towards the back of the room. Downward Facing Dog. We’ve been here before. So we can make small adjustments. Maybe we want our feet farther apart. We want our torso or our belly closer to our thighs. Breathe. Really good hands, guys. Everybody has really wide hands and removing that space in between your palm and the mat. From here, we’re gonna start adding a little bit more of a challenge, so again, feel free to take Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced. Now everybody inhale, exhale raise your right leg towards the ceiling. Now, square your hips down. Good! When I say squared hips, both of your hip bones are facing towards the mat. And so all five toes of your right foot are down toward the mat. Rotate at your ankle clockwise and counter-clockwise. From here inhale, exhale, slowly start to bring your right foot in between your hands. This might take you a couple of moves, particularly if your belly is really ready to have a baby! And you’re bringing your foot around a couple of different times. But just find your space release your left foot down to the mat, so your knee, your shin, and your the tops of your left foot can come all the way down. So left leg all the way down on the mat. So release your knee and your shin and your foot. So try to take any space between your shin and the mat away. So untuck your toes and press into the mat. From here, our beginner is just gonna bring her weight and her hands onto her thighs. And then from here, so plant your hands both on this thigh so you can really root, and look that your knee is over your ankle. No further. It be a little farther back, but not over. Here, and breathe. Alyssa’s gonna come up bring her hands to her thighs, and then gently start to come to her hips. Takes away a little bit more stability for that intermediate move. And then Sarah is gonna gently transition to thigh, hips, and then arms up overhead. Now sometimes when we come into this position, we might find that we’re arching our back. So knit your ribs in and when I say that I just mean to come from a puffed position, come back in and then lift arms up overhead. Breathe. Exhale, release your hands down around your right foot. As you can, press the mat away come back into Plank. It might take a couple of steps, but come back into that Plank we visited earlier. From Plank, exhale, lift your hips towards the back of the room. Shine the elbows up the elbow creases towards the front of the mat. Good! That creates a little bit more space in our shoulders. Gentle bend in your knees to lift your hips higher towards the back of the room, and bring your torso closer to your thighs. Lift up here, yeah, good adjustments! Okay. Now we’re coming to our left side. So left leg lifts… All five toes of your left foot down towards the mat. So we square our hips in space. Good! Hold… If you need to come down to your right knee even in that Downward Facing Dog. Inhale, exhale, slowly bring your left knee in between your hands. Good. We’re all really working here. We’re building fire. We’re building heat. We’re feeling our muscles engage. Release your right leg so your right knee, shin, and foot onto the mat. We’re gonna revisit the same low lunge on this side. So, bring your hands up to your thighs for Beginner, hands up to hips for Intermediate, and hands up overhead for Advanced. Slowly transition, feel your body as you come into that space. Again, if you’re finding any dumping in the low back, make sure you knit your ribs back in so you kind of shift your shoulders back over your hips and you find that adjustment so there’s no added pressure, particularly when we have a little bit of extra weight here. If that weight is going down towards the earth, it’s going to cause strain on your back. So just come back in space. Breathe. Exhale, release your hands around your front foot. Come to your Plank… Hold… Exhale, meet in Downward Facing Dog Lift your hips towards the back of the room. Inhale, exhale, knees to the mat – Extended Child’s Pose. Rest… Reset. Inhale, shine your collarbone to the front of the room. Come back into your Cow position, let your belly hang. Lift up… Shine your chest towards the front of the room. Exhale, press into the mat… Find your Cat. Inhale, one more time into Cow. Press… Find that space and that length in between your spinal column. Exhale, press them out of way, lift your hips towards the back of the room, Downward Facing Dog. Breathe. Gentle bend in your knees. Bring your torso closer towards your thighs. Good! Spread between each of your fingers. Take any pressure out of your wrists. Good! Going to add on here. Lift your right leg towards the sky. Squared hips. Toes toward the mat. Good! Exhale. Plant your foot in between your hands. Take a couple of steps as needed. From here rise up, we know where we’re going either thigh, hips… Oh, sorry. Left leg down. So knee on the mat, shin on the mat, toes on the mat. So same as before. And then we come up… Hands on the thigh, hands onto hips, and hands overhead. From here gentle, modified twist. So we’re going to inhale, exhale turn over your left shoulder, and open up. Gentle twist. Energetically reaching through both arms, have your back arm in line with your front right arm. So if you’re here, adjust so that they’re both in the same plane. Good! Inhale…Exhale. If you’d like a more Advanced version of this, pretend that there’s a string on the back of your hamstring and straighten your back leg into an opened, modified twist. Inhale… Exhale, release your left side. Everybody come towards the front of the room. Exhale, plant your hands. Step back, Plank, or just come straight into Downward Facing Dog, whatever transition feels best for you. We’re really warm now. Breathe. Inhale. Exhale. Lift your left leg towards the sky. Squared hips. Good. Inhale, exhale bring your left foot towards the front of the mat. Take as many steps as you need to get there. We’re coming back into that low lunge, so release your right knee, shin, and toes onto the mat. Come back up where it feels good pause here. Find that space. Make sure your knee is stacked over your ankle. No farther! Shoulders over hips. Bring your ribs back in space. From here, inhale… Exhale, twist. So just open up over to your right side. Good. Energetically reaching your hands towards the front and the back equally. And breathe. Inhale. Exhale. If you’d like an added challenge, you can come up onto the tips of your right back leg, if that feels comfortable for you in this position. Good and even in this advanced move, you’re still stacking your knee over your ankle, knee towards your third toe. Great job. Inhale, exhale, come back towards the front of the room. Inhale, exhale, plant your hands. Come back to Downward Facing Dog. You can either come through a Plank or just immediately come to Down Dog. Remember, taking your knees is always an option Inhale. Option for everyone, knees down… Child’s Pose. Everybody knees down, hips back, release any tension in your neck. Reset. From here, come back into All Fours. Press the mat away. Line back up. Straight spine. Good. From here, from this distance, from your hands and your knees now lift your hips. Downward Facing Dog, hold one more time. Come on to the tips of your toes and slowly start to walk yourself up to the top of the mat. Take as many steps and as much time as needed. When you get there, stay folded. Release any tension in your neck. Maybe take a wide stance so that your belly can come in between your thighs. Generous bend in your knees as needed. And release any tension in your neck. You can grab opposite wrists, forearms, or elbows and just come into this forward fold. Release. Generous bend in your knees if you find any tightness in the backs of your thighs where the hamstrings are located. Inhale. Exhale. Release the grip. Bring your arms out to a T. From this flat-back position gentle bend in your knees. Inhale, rise all the way up. Come to Stand. First time we’re standing in this series bring your arms down by your side. Let it go. If it’s comfortable for you, bring your hands back to heart center and close your eyes. If not, just stay in this space. All of that movement, all of that breath, all of that energy that’s coursing through your body… Just feel it. Don’t adjust anything. Don’t fix your hair. Don’t fix your shirt. Just be in this moment of gratitude, to you, for you… For showing up on your mat and challenging yourself for your health and the health of your baby. Inhale. Exhale, release your hands down by your side. Bring your feet closer together. We’re going to find our Mountain Pose. So we want to be about hip distance apart, which is a little bit more challenging as we’re expanding and finding our new adjusting bodies. But we want to really root into the ball mound of your big toe, your baby toe, and your heel, And just be. Just stand tall like an unmovable mountain. This is hip distance apart. Now I’d like you to take a big step out to your right to find a wider stance. So a big step out and then turn your toes out to the long side of your mat. So just a little bit out at about a 45˚ angle. Now from here, we’re gonna come down into a squat or Mālāsana if that feels good for you. If not, continue to stand tall. If you can, start to shift your weight. You might need to come way wider apart, kind of like a sumo squat, as you inhale. Exhale, slowly lower. Bring your hips in between your knees. So just come down… If that feels good for you. Shift your weight back. You can bring your hands to the mat if you’re losing any balance. Keep your heels on to the mat. So if your heels are popping up, just step wider apart. So just kind of notice where your body is, and if you’re feeling like you need a little bit more space, next time take a wider step apart before you come down to the earth. Now, shine your collar bone towards the front just like we did in our Cow. Breathe… Hold… If you can, press your elbows into your inner thighs. Find more space and lengthen, look up, lift up tall. Inhale. Exhale. From this Mālāsana squat, plant your hands on the mat, lift your hips towards the sky. We’re back to our forward fold. Good! Arms back out to a T, flat back, come back up. Lift up, rise up. Exhale, hands down to your side. Let it go. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale… Exhale, step together. We’re going to find our Balance Pose. So we’re going to start by really rooting our weight into our left standing leg. When we say “root,” we just mean find that ball mound of your big toe, your baby toe, and your heel, and you’re actually going to lift your kneecap to feel your thigh engage. So just kind of think about pressing and rooting, so that standing leg is really strong. From here, you can just kick-stand your right foot out to the side. Hips are still towards the front of your mat. So Beginner, this is it. We’re just staying right here. But you can lift your arms up overhead. If you look up and lift up that challenges your balance. Or you can just stay with your arms anywhere. For Intermediate, we come below our knee – and never on your knee – and you can bring your hands to hips, heart center, or overhead. For Advanced, you’re going to lift your foot onto the inner thigh of your left, strong standing thigh. You can bring your knee towards the front of the mat as needed to ensure that your hips are towards the front and then just playfully bring your hands wherever feels good for you. So for added challenges, if you’re up for it, you can close your eyes, you can look up you can gently gaze forward… Wherever you are… Inhale… Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. If you find that you’re losing your balance, squeeze. Press your foot more into your standing leg and press your standing leg more into your foot. It’s called “squeezing towards the midline.” Inhale, final challenge. Exhale, release, let it go. Plant your foot. Come back to Mountain. Reset. Inhale. Exhale. Root into your right standing leg, so same thing. Really feel the ball mount of your big toe, your baby toe, and your heel. Lift your kneecap to engage your thigh so it can hold everything. Beginner, kickstand. Intermediate, to your calf or below your knee. And Advanced, come above your knee. Press your leg into your foot and your foot into your leg. Feel what that feels like. And that’s where you’ll find a lot of that strength and balance as you squeeze towards the midline. So everything comes towards the middle, and then you lift up, look up, rise up. Do what feels good for you. With your gaze, add a challenge to look up or to close your eyes. If you come out, just plant your feet and reset. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. One more. Take it to your edge. Exhale, slowly release. Reset. Come to Mountain Pose. Press your big toe, your baby toe, and your heel into the mat. Lift your kneecaps to engage your legs. Shoulders come up, back, and down. Really squeezing your shoulder blades in toward each other. Finding space along your collarbone. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, arms up overhead. Exhale, sigh it out through your mouth. Cooling breath. Bring your arms back down. Inhale, arms back overhead. Exhale, out through your mouth, cooling breath. We’re now done with our standing series, so let’s join on the mat. So you come back onto your mat, either in the middle or closer towards the back. However you get there comfortably, feel free to grab a sip of water. It’s really good to stay hydrated, particularly in our spring and summer months, but at all times drinking lots of water before during after any practice. Find yourself back on the mat, nice and rooted. We’re going to close out with a couple of stretches. So bring the soles of your feet together. And you’re going to come into a diamond shape, so it’s not quite that butterfly knee tightly in, but its feet pretty far in front of you. You should be feeling that in the outside of your hips. So bring your toes farther away from your body… even farther. So you’re going for an extended diamond shape. Do you feel the difference here with your feet farther apart? Soles of the feet together… Inhale… Straight, tall spine. As it feels good for you, feel free to hinge from your hips forward, but don’t round your spine. So keep your collar bone towards the front of the room and just be. If it feels good for you, close your eyes… Settle in. One modification you can use the blocks for, is you can stack your blocks here, and bring your head to rest on the mat or on the block. And then if you stay here for a couple of breaths, you can remove the top block and come farther down while still maintaining that nice, flat back. If and when it feels comfortable, you can also start to shift the block down as you make your way towards your toes. But be where you are in your practice. It’s just an example of how you can get into a more relaxed state with your neck and your hips. We hold a lot of tension in our hips, so we have to spend a lot of time in this pose to really let that release and open. Come back to your intention… Inhale… Exhale. Send the oxygen and energy right into that space and let it open. Inhale. Exhale. Inhale, rise back up, stacking your shoulders over your hips. Let it go. If you have a prop, just move it off to the side, and bring your toes towards the front of the mat. Flex your toes towards you, so your feet are going to flex up, toes towards the ceiling, lift up, root up. From here, bring your big toes together and your heels together so there’s no space in between your legs if that’s comfortable for you. Stacking shoulders over hips, find a nice tall spine. Lift those kneecaps one more time so that maybe your heels lift off the mat because you’re so strong and engaged. From here, inhale… Exhale. Inhale… Exhale. Slight hinge from your hips, if that feels good for you. You can take your legs a little bit wider to let your belly come in-between your thighs if that feels comfortable or is necessary, but otherwise keep your kneecaps raised, thighs engaged, so that your hamstrings or the back of your thighs can release as you come into this final pose. Inhale, stack your shoulders over your hips. Release the fold. Bring your legs back into a comfortable crossed position, or come back on to your knees and shins. So you could sit comfortably this way, or Cross-legged. However feels good for you. Coming back in… Closing out. Inhale, arms up overhead. Exhale, arms down to your side. Returning to our start. Inhale, arms up overhead. Exhale, palms together, hands to heart center if that’s comfortable for you. If not, just place your hands on your legs. Feel… What’s different? Acknowledge what’s different from when you started from this position, to where you are now. Maybe a little more tired, maybe a little more energized, maybe a little more open. Inhale. Exhale. Anything that was challenging, let it go. It’s behind you. Anything that you feel really great about, let it go because it’s also behind you. These movements are just a practice. Come back as often as you can. Your mat, or the ground, or the floor is always available for you. Take what you liked, and leave the rest. Just keep moving, for you and your baby. Thanks for joining. Thanks for offering your bodies and your postures. We appreciate you joining, and we’ll see you soon.