Yoga for the Classroom – calm and unwind

At the end of a day yoga is great for
helping us to unwind. You might want to try this class in the middle or at the
end of a busy afternoon. I’m Helen and this is Class Yoga,
the place to be for real yoga for kids! I’d love you to subscribe so I can share
more real yoga for kids with you. So today we’re just sitting so come and
sit with your legs crossed and then hunch forwards, relax, shake your head,
and then come and sit tall, and then hunch forwards.
Again breathe in and sit tall, as tall as you can, breathe out and relax and a
hunch and shake your head. And then once more we’ll sit tall, keep sitting tall and then
take a little spin back behind you, keep your bottom on the floor but look over
one shoulder, and then back to the middle and go the other way, look over the
other shoulder, and back to the middle. Well done! Cross your legs over the other
way round, breathe in and stretch up Breathe out and bring your hands down. Again breathe in and reach as high as you can And breathe out, bring your hands down,
big breath out. Take one more there, reach as high as you
can and then bring your arms down, hands down and relax your head. Roll all the way up and I’d like you to take one arm into
the air, reach over to the side, again keep your bottom on the floor, reach and
then relax your arm over your head. Come back to the middle, let’s stretch the other
arm up, reach over to the side and relax that arm over your head. And again reach the first arm up over
to the side, droop your arm. And back to the second side.. hmm and all the way back to
the middle. Lift your knees, hug them in towards you, give yourself a squeeze
close your eyes and then come up a little bit bring your feet together and
your arms just around the back of your legs, keep facing me I’m just going to
turn to the side, hug your knees in towards you, and then bit by bit start to
take your legs away. Now depending on how much space you have there will depend
how far you can stretch your legs out If you can it could keep going to
wherever feels good and then when you get to as far as you want to go relax
your head, still holding on to your legs underneath you there
Hmm loosen your head up. If you’ve gone too far and it doesn’t feel comfortable
come back up a little bit Hmm see how you feel and
take a nice long big breath hmm hmm Slowly start to come back up, and you can
use your hands to push yourself up and then bring your feet together, hold on to your
feet, sit tall, lean back just a little bit and then gently float your knees up and
down like those wings of butterfly you could close your eyes and you can
stay sitting upright if it feels good though you could lean forwards hmmm and again your head doesn’t need to do anything – let’s give it a little shake taking the time to start to relax a
little bit more after your busy day Roll up left your knees cross your legs,
hands to your tummy Take a full breath in And out. Again breathe into your tummy then
breathe out your mouth. Good! Let’s see how you feel just now. Well done! Thank
you. So I’d love to know how you feel just now. Write me a comment just below
I’d love to hear from you. Be sure to subscribe to this channel, and I look
forward to sharing more real yoga for kids with you!