Yoga For The Service Industry – Yoga With Adriene

– What’s up, party people? Welcome to
Yoga with Adriene, I’m Adriene, and today we have a big request. This is yoga for
service industry folks. So I have a lot of friends
who are on their feet all day, whether you work as
a waiter or waitress or you work in a salon or I could think of
literally a million other jobs where you’re on
your feet all day, and you need a
little bit of a practice to decompress and
stretch tired, sore muscles that are probably overworked. So you deserve
this time for yourself, hop into something
comfy and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alright my friends,
so let’s begin standing. We’re gonna do a
little bit of work on our feet and then get you off those feet and stretch the legs
with the support of the earth. So just bring your
hands to your waistline here and bring the
feet hip width apart. And just take a little moment to tap into a
little inner smile, whatever that means to you, because you are awesome,
you’re a total bad ass, we’re taking this
time to counterbalance all the time you
spend on your feet and all the hard
work you’ve done and put in a little
you time, a little TLC. So hats off to you, awesome, tap into a
little inner smile here, it helps you kind of
transition from the work day, you know, anyway, so. Shift your weight to one foot,
doesn’t matter which foot, and then just
take the opposite toes and bring them to the mat and start to stretch
through the front of the foot. And just to make
sure we’re not collapsing into the standing foot, just lift up through
your chest a little bit. And then walk it
back just a little bit, take it back so you’re
really stretching even more and maybe even you’re
able to straighten that leg. Ooh, and pop your toes, ooh! Take one more breath. Awesome, then
whatever foot that you’re on, stay on it, and just take
the opposite heel forward, bend the standing leg, and we’re just gonna come
to a little forward fold here, but you’re really tugging
back on that front heel. Awesome, just a
little counter there, and then release and switch. So toes come down,
opposite toes come down, we stretch through the toes,
maybe pop your toes here, through the front of the foot, and then last but not
least try to find a lift up through the heart. Yeah, awesome. Then maybe, this will
be individual of course, but maybe walk it back, find a little deeper stretch, maybe even
straightening that leg. So you’re feeling
it all the way through the front of the hip crease. Awesome, and then release. Dig that heel into the ground, bend the standing
leg and take it forward. So really tug back
through that heel here, just a little counter, stretching through the back. And then release, awesome. Bring the feet
back to hip width apart, we inhale in, and exhale, fold. Forward fold. Bend your knees generously, so you’re really gonna
want to bend the knees so you can get a nice
stretch in the lower back. Keep the feet firmly planted, and begin to let the stress and any tension spill
off the back body here, any weight you’ve been carrying. Again, bend your
knees generously so we can really get some
lower back love here. Stretching
through the hamstrings. Maybe grabbing the
elbows, opposite elbows, and rocking side to side. Shake the head loose. And then release. Tuck the chin into the chest, roll it up, nice and slow. Awesome, and then
we’ll come back to standing. Take a cleansing breath here, so big inhale in
through the nose, and exhale, let it go. Awesome, take the
feet super wide now, this is the last standing pose before we bring
it to the ground, so take the feet super wide and turn the toes in slightly, so you’re really
feeling this stretch by pressing into the
outer edge of the foot. So you should be
feeling sensation in the outer edge of the foot. Then bring the hands
back to the waistline, find that lift in the heart. And so standing
wide leg in forward fold, you can’t always do
everywhere, I understand, so you can do the forward fold, but this is a good one
to do daily if you can. So therapeutic and really
nice for preventative care. So inhale, lift your heart, exhale, inner thighs spiral back as you send the hips
back and we slowly come down. Again, big toes are turned in, fingertips come
to the ground here, and if you’re really tight, go ahead and bend
the knees generously and breathe here, finding soft, easy movement. If you’re able to take it
down a little more you will, maybe bringing
the head down to hang, maybe it can touch, maybe that’s
something for another day. Or maybe you take a twist, right fingertips
up towards the sky, and then left
fingertips up towards the sky. Soft, easy movement. See if you can deepen
your breath a little bit here, just to start to release any stress, tension in the body. Take one more breath
wherever you are here, standing wide
legged forward fold. And then exhale, release. Bend the knees, bring the hands
to the waistline, inhale and again flat back, and exhale to
come all the way up. Whoa, feel the blood
flow, opposite direction. And then nice and slow, so find articulation
in the feet here, you can even use this
motion to really massage and dig into the
ball joint of the big toe and dig into the heel. Walk your feet all the
way back to hip width apart. Big cleansing breath here.
Inhale in. Exhale, let it go, let go of the day
thus far, let it go. Awesome, now we’re
gonna come to a seat. Alright, so once you
get down on the ground, you don’t even need a yoga mat, just get down low, come
into a nice comfortable seat. This could be
cross legged, kneeling, you can even sit in a
chair for this next piece. And sit up nice and tall and once again,
a cleansing breath, just kind of washing
away the day thus far, inhale in and exhale out
through the mouth. Then working into the
neck and shoulders here, so drop the chin to the
chest, wherever you are, and then slowly we’re
gonna draw a U with the nose, back and forth. So you’ll go to one
side and then the other. Big U or big smiley face. Or a big semicircle. And once you feel
like you have it down, go ahead and close your eyes, gonna help
really start to relieve any stagnant energy and
stress that you’re holding onto. I know that sounds
like a load of crap too, but I do believe that it’s true, when you close your eyes
you’re just kind of signalling the brain body
connect to go inward and to relax. Great, even it out, and then come back to center. Lift your head, lift your chin, and then send
your fingertips forward and then fingertips down. Plug your shoulders in, lift up through your sternum, and then feel that strong
stretch through the forearm. If you need a little more, just do one hand at a time and give yourself a
little forearm massage here, so if you’re carrying things or working with the
muscles of the arms, give them a little
release here with the thumb, and then you can
also flip the palms and give yourself
a stretch here, either here or
using the opposite hand to go a little deeper, maybe even one finger at a time. Awesome, and then when
you feel satisfied with that, take it forward, so if you’re in a
chair you’re gonna want to come off your
chair now and get down low, brothers and sisters,
come on now. And you can move nice and slow. This time is for you, you’re not here
to master anything, this is TLC, relaxation time. So move nice and slow, come down to the ground, and we’re gonna
bring the knees wide, big toes to touch, and here we go, inhale reach your right
fingertips forward, find a nice long stretch
in your right side body, and then
threading the needle here, so the right fingertips come in and underneath the
bridge of the left arm and we come to
rest on the right ear. Pelvis does rock up here, it’s gonna be awesome,
feel awesome, once you land. Find what feels
good with that top arm, so maybe it’s
pressing into the left palm, keeping it really
active as you stretch out through the neck, the shoulders, the muscles of
the upper back body, maybe you take the
hand to the lower back or up to the sky
or take a little bind. Another great
option is just to reach it all the way out in front. Then bring the breath here, press into the tops of the
feet for a little stability, and breathe deep. And slowly we’ll release. Use the hands to
press yourself back up. Come back to all fours and we’ll reach the
left fingertips forward. Soft, easy movement, find that length
in the left side body, and then
threading the needle here, coming onto the left ear, should feel really
good as you breathe into the muscles
of the upper back. Again, right elbow
can come to the sky, to the lower back, or all the way out in front. Breathing into the twist. Again sending lots
of breath and awareness to the upper back body, the shoulders, the neck. Press into your toes
for a little stability here. Awesome, then slide it back in and come back to all fours. Walk the knees
underneath the hip points, cross the ankles,
and slowly, mindfully, be careful of your
knees and ankles, come all the way through, and we’re gonna
send the legs out front. Keep it soft and
easy movement here. So we’re gonna windshield
wiper the legs back and forth, get a little glute massage here, so if you’re on carpet you
might not feel this as firmly, so too bad for you! No, just kidding. So if that’s the case, then just make it about
moving through the hip sockets and maybe even
finding a little lift through the armpit
and chest to open up through the pecs
and the shoulders. But if you’re on a hard surface, you can really get a nice little gluteus maximus
(laughs) massage. Dude, if you’re sore
from being on your feet, then you know what
I’m talking about though. Yes. Okay. After you’ve windshield
wipered the legs a little bit, we’ll sit up nice and tall with the legs
straight out in front. And take your
right knee, lift it up, hug your right knee in, and swim the right
fingertips around for a twist. Press into your left heel, inhale, sit up nice and tall, and exhale, look
past your right shoulder. Inhale, and exhale, come back. Take your right
foot into your left hand and we’re gonna cradle it, maybe rocking a
little bit back and forth, or if it feels good, you can take the
foot to the elbow. Maybe rock front to back,
a little side to side. And then release it. Cleansing breath here,
inhale in, exhale, let it go. Awesome, hug the left knee in, give it a hug, swim it around, find your twist. Press through that
right heel for stability, a little grounding in the twist, and then inhale,
sit up nice and tall, and exhale,
journey into your twist. There’s a tendency
here to lean back into it, so use that pressing
of the right heel forward and this lift up through
the sternum to ground you. Sit up nice and tall, even if it means
you don’t twist as much. One more breath. Use your exhale to release. Right hand takes
the left foot this time, we open up through the hip, and it might just
be here, ooh, working. In time we might take
it here, a deeper stretch. And everyone’s just
anatomically different, some hips are really open, some are really
rotated internally, so just check it out,
feel it out. Awesome, and then release. Cleansing breath here,
this time with arms. We inhale, reach for the sky, and exhale, bend the knees, cleansing breath, bow forward, pashit motanasana here
in seated forward fold. Bow your head, close your eyes. Feel that stretch through the
back body as you breathe deep. And then slowly roll it up. Hike both heels in
towards the center. This is our last pose here,
so enjoy this time. You can always
continue on after this video, but just a little something. We’ll come into cobbler’s pose, so the knees come nice and wide and the feet come together, and if you have a hard
time sitting up tall here, just bring the toes out, or sit up on a blanket or block. And or. We’re gonna
use the thumbs here to really massage the feet. So start with the arches,
rubbing the arches of the feet, and then on to
the heels, the ankles, and just start to
soften your gaze here, so, you know,
when you’re at work, you have to be, you know,
spinning a ton of plates and focused and eyes open, so just kind of go
inward a little bit here. Soften your gaze,
you might even close your eyes, as you rub your toes. Awesome, then grab your ankles. Inhale, lift your heart, and exhale, bend the
elbows left to right, come forward, try to
touch your nose to your toes. Again, feel that big
stretch in the back body. Relax your shoulders
down away from your ears. Take one more breath here. And tuck the
chin into the chest, and slowly roll it up. Awesome, cross the ankles
and we’ll come to sukhasan. Final cleansing breath,
here we go. Inhale deeply through the nose,
and exhale, relax your shoulders
as you exhale completely, out through the mouth. Awesome work. Alright, my darling friends, so that was your
practice for today. If you’re hungry for more, dive into
another video right now, or might I suggest maybe
taking an epson salt bath, if you’re not already into
that you should give it a try. You can also
just do a foot bath, it’s really quick and easy
and a little goes a long way, I swear to heaven. Another great thing is
sending your legs up the wall, for legs up the
wall pose, vrida karini. We have a whole
video for legs up the wall which talks about
how amazing that is, and again, how a
little goes a long way, so you just kick
your legs up the wall, and you can kind of support
your lower back with a blanket. Anyway, check that
out if you’re interested. I’ve got your back. Thank you so much for
the request, I appreciate it, that’s one of the things I love
about this diverse community that is Find What Feels Good
and Yoga with Adriene, is that we are
having conversations and we’re all
together, me included, trying to find ways in which
we can use the tools of yoga to live a happy,
healthy, and supported life. So namaste from
my heart to yours. Thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy with me. Let us know what
you do down below, let us support you, let’s
have a conversation down below, let us know what you
do or how you’re feeling after this practice, and subscribe to the
channel if you haven’t already, share this video
with your friends, and I’ll see you next time. Take good care. (upbeat music)