Yoga For Urine Track Infection (UTI) problems – AxeemYoga

Assalamo alikum This is me Azeem available with the same series Yoga For A Minute Today we will learn to cure UTI urine tract infection via yoga. There are 2 very easy yoga asanas First is butterfly. i explained earlier regarding UTI You can even search by yourself,you have to move your legs like this You will get nice stretch at your pelvic muscles you will get relief in urine track infection you can perform this asan up to 5 minute. Second pose is the diamond pose you have to make diamond shape through your legs you have to go all the way down and give nice stretch you can perform this action same up to 5 minutes Do perform these 2 yoga poses in the morning and give us your valuable feedback that how is your learning going on through our yoga training. Thank you for watching!