Yoga For Vertigo  |  Yoga With Adriene

Yoga For Vertigo | Yoga With Adriene

– Hi, everyone.
Welcome to Yoga With Adriene. I’m Adriene. Today we have a
yoga for vertigo. This is a big request. This is not a one size
fits all kind of practice, so of course always
consult your doctor, listen to your body,
and find what feels good. Hop into something comfy
and let’s get started. (upbeat music) Alrighty, let’s
begin today’s practice in a comfortable
seat of your choice. We’re gonna start with a
little tune in and then work with a little pranayama
to balance the left and the right side of
the brain and the body. So let’s first come
into just a nice easy shape, something that feels
good for you in this moment in which you can try to sit
up tall through the spine. So if you need to sit
up on something, you can. You can even do
this little tune in on the edge of your
couch or in a chair. So we definitely want you
feeling supported and good from this moment on through
to the end of this practice and then hopefully beyond. So set yourself up for
greatness, take your time. And then when you’re ready,
begin to relax your shoulders and just get
settled into the moment by gently tucking the chin,
closing your eyes and if it’s not good for you
to close your eyes today, keep them open and
just send your gaze gently down past your nose. So soften your gaze. Then, let’s together take a deep breath
in through the nose. And as you exhale,
choose to land here as you are, whatever you’re coming with,
however you feel. Let this short
practice support you and meet you
wherever you are today. Gently begin to
deepen your breath. Not forcing it or
pushing it but just allowing more awareness of
breath to seep into this moment. Using the tool, the power tool
of the breath to unite or attempt to unite,
connect the brain and the body so that we can feel
more grounded, more whole. Then as you’re ready,
turn your palms face up and you’re
gonna bring your thumb right between your
ring finger and your pinky and we’re gonna create a
little pressure point here and then you can press
there and allow your other fingers to come in, creating
a little pressure point here. This is a really
nice little mudra to do when you’re feeling… off. Okay. Continuing to deepen the breath. So we have the thumb
pressing into the space between the pinky
and the ring finger and then we’re
closing the fingers to create faseer which is just magnifying that little pressure point. We’re breathing deep here, we’re relaxing the shoulders. Soft tuck of the chin. Take one more
cycle of breath here, just dropping into the moment. Coming as you are
with whatever you’ve got. Inhale in. Exhale to let everything go. Release the mudra,
release everything. Palms can now
come down to the knees. We’re gonna inhale
face down, palms down. We’re gonna inhale
in through the nose. Both nostrils. Exhale out through
the nose, both nostrils. Inhale in through the nose,
slow and steady. Exhale out through the nose, slower, slower, slower,
slow it down. Great, find any soft,
easy movement in the neck that feels good and we’re gonna
transition into Nadi Shodhan. Alternate nostril breathing. So you’re gonna take your thumb, seal your right nostril. Inhale in through
your left nostril. Sit up nice and tall. At the top, pause. Retain the breath,
seal your left nostril with your ring
finger or your pinky and then exhale out
through your right nostril. Stay here, inhale in
through the right nostril. Pause, hold at the top. Seal and switch. Exhale out
through the left nostril. Empty, empty, empty, empty. Inhale in through the left. At the top pause,
retain the breath, switch, seal, exhale out
through the right nostril. Inhale in through
the right nostril. Pause, hold at the top. Switch, seal, and exhale out
through the left nostril. Inhale in
through the left nostril. Pause at the top, switch, seal and exhale
out through the right. Inhale through the right. Pause, switch, seal, exhale out through the left. Inhale in. Retain the breath. Switch, exhale out. Empty, empty, empty. Inhale in. Pause. Switch, exhale out. Now keep it going on your own. Nice long smooth breaths. Focusing on
elongating the inhale, elongating the exhale. And if you’re
pretty confused right now there’s a whole pranayama video on alternate nostril breathing so you could pause
and go do that video. Otherwise just
give it your best shot, moving nice and slow. Calming the nervous system, soothing any frayed edges. Balancing the
right and the left side of the brain and the body. Good, then slowly
begin to even it out. And then release the pranayama, take an inhale in
through both nostrils. And an exhale
through both nostrils. Allow your breath to
return to a natural rhythm. Just feel the effects. And then slowly using
the support of your hands come onto your back,
nice and slow. When you get there,
bring the feet to the ground, knees up towards the sky and really use all four corners of the feet to ground you here. Hands come face
down to the earth. Then we’ll walk the heels
up towards the sits bones. Use this hand to earth connection to slowly peel the tailbone up. You don’t have to go super high. In fact, don’t here to start. Just a little bit,
feeling this compression in the upper back. Pressing into the
palms to lift the hip points a little higher and
then exhale to lower. Inhale to lift, squeeze. Exhale to lower. Inhale to lift, squeeze. Exhale to lower. Rooting down through all
four corners of the feet. Inhale to lift. And exhale to lower.
You’re doing great. One more time.
Inhale to lift. Pause here. And exhale to lower. Good, keep your left
foot grounded on the earth. Inhale slowly, hug the
right knee up to the chest. Interlace the finger
tips around your right shin. Stay here, breathe. If it’s right in your body,
extend the left leg out long. Now slowly
squeeze your right knee up towards your right shoulder. Inhale in. Exhale out. Inhale in to release the
right foot to the ground. Exhale to bring the
left knee up if it was down. Alright, ground
through the right foot. Slowly being to hug your
left knee into the chest. Interlace the fingertips, stay here if it feels right. Otherwise extend
the right leg out long. When you’re ready
work to bring the left knee towards the left shoulder. Breathe. Good, inhale in, release
the left foot to the earth. Ground down. Exhale, bring the right knee
back up if it was extended. Beautiful. Inhale, send the elbows out, cactus arms, fingertips
reaching towards the back. Breathe in, breathe out here. Nice and easy. Now walk the feet as
wide as your yoga mat and allow the
knees to come together so you can completely
rest in the lower body. So the knees are touching. The bowl of the
pelvis kind of softens here. Close your eyes or
just soften your gaze, feel supported by the
earth here as you breathe in and out through the nostrils. Good, then slowly
bringing the fingers inward, clinching the fists,
clenching not clinching, clenching the fists, excuse me. Clench, clench, clench. Squeeze the fists
together for five, for four, for three, for two, and on the one let your fingers slowly open like a blossoming. Nice and easy, relax
everything into the earth. As you’re ready,
rock the head gently side to side
massaging the back of the head. Rocking ear to ear Slow and steady
wins the race here. Good, then bring
the head back to center. Inhale, lift the
arms up over head, big stretch, nice and slow. Exhale, slowly bring the
elbows back into the side body. Let the hands rest
gently on the low ribs. From here, heel-toe, so keep your feet
grounded the whole time. Heel-toe, heel-toe,
the feet together so that the arches come to touch and then nice and easy
open the knees out wide for Supta Baddha Konasana. Keep the hands
resting on the low ribs or extend one arm out,
and then the other, and we’ll repeat
the fists again. Ready? Inhale in. Exhale,
coming into a clinched fist for ten. Squeeze for nine, eight, seven, squeeze six, five.
Keep breathing, four, three, and
relax everything on the one. Relax your shoulders,
relax your arms, relax your jaw. Inhale in deeply. Exhale completely. Bring your fingertips to kiss
the outer edges of your legs. Use this to help
you bring the knees back together, really together. And then dig your
right heel into the earth, slide it down,
extending through the right leg. And then dig your
left heel into the ground. Extend it out long. Great, hands come to
rest gently at your sides. You can shake the
toes a little one way and then the other. Inhale in. Exhale to snuggle
the shoulder blades underneath your heart space. Shavasana. Take a second
here to scan the body. First the left side,
starting with the left foot. And now the right side, starting with the right foot. Now take the deepest
breath you’ve taken all day. Creating an awareness
of your whole body. And on the
exhale relax the weight of your full
body into the earth. Stay here as long as you like. To come out of the posture, come into a fetal position and be sure to use the hands
o press up nice and slow. Thank you so much
for sharing your time and your energy with me. I hope to see you again soon. Namaste. (upbeat music)