Yoga For Your Back ♥ Strength, Recover,  & Tone | Cambodia

Yoga For Your Back ♥ Strength, Recover, & Tone | Cambodia

Hey guys welcome to Cambodia. We are on a beautiful island called Koh Rang Samloem and today I’ve got a yoga practice for you that’s going to focus on the health and recovery of your back Now for those of you that have ever suffered through back injury or back pain you know how difficult that can be on your physical well-being as well as your mental and emotional state, so I would like you to try to use this video as part of your journey and overcoming any Obstacles that you may be facing right now and allow it to give you a little more strength and flexibility in your back Now if any of these exercises cause any pain in your back Please do not push through the pain and always talk to your doctor if you have any questions All right, if you guys are ready grab your mat and let’s get started Alright guys. We’re going to start today in child’s pose at the very back of your mat first reaching the arms up to the sky I’m going to exhale reaching them all the way down into your child’s pose We’re just staying here Allowing yourself to come to the present moment bringing all of your awareness to your breath inhale Exhale Let it go now let’s take both of your palms to the lower back and Before we start we’re going to offer a very gentle massage those muscles simply pressing the Palm into each side of your back and pushing downward Almost like you’re lengthening the muscle basically with the palm of your hand Push and bring it down So starting summer from the mid-back and then bring it down towards the very tip of your spine just A couple more times here Wonderful Take a deep breath in and then exhale. Go ahead bring the arms forward again focusing on each side of the spine and the back What we’re going to do first is bring both of your hands to the very right side of your mat and then Shift your hips slightly to the left So you’re going to feel an increased stretch along the left side of your path? Stretching out the muscles letting go of any tension Again, just staying with the breath here And then once you’re ready switch to the other side to both hands to the left side of your mat hips slightly to the right and Just breathe Continuing to reach forward feeling that stretch along the right side of your pack Great come back to center deep Breath in again, I’m Going to exhale slowly rounding through each vertebra of your spine into your cat cow posture let’s take a deep breath in arching the back and then exhale Rounding the spine tucking the chin right into the chest inhale open Arch the back and Exhale rounding the spine Yeah, just nice and slow again really feel that opening in the spine adding some gentle movement here And again inhale look up the sky Exhale round tuck that chin into the chat Wonderful, let’s come back into neutral spines of straight back I’m going to begin with a strengthening exercise first extending your right leg all the way back make sure the hips are square Bellybutton pulling in towards the Lumbar spine and then from here taking your opposite arm to your left arm forward a Really great exercise to strengthen the lower back through targeting the core Just hold this position stay with the breath and Then from here pointing the palm down bending that eye elbows squeeze the shoulder blades inhale Reach forward exhale bend the elbows squeeze a little bit of the upper back strengthening hair and squeeze Reach and squeeze Reach and squeezing that shoulder Blade reach and Squeeze good, just the Arm working everything else stay still and strong and from here reaching forward go ahead and drop that hand down inhale exhale taking one push-up, and Then slowly coming down with your chest than that Trying to keep that leg away from the floor so don’t let it touch the ground Your thighs off the mat and then same thing take that left arm reach it forward Take a deep breath deep exhale bring it down let’s reach up again Arm and leg up and Bring it down very nice. You can keep your forehead down if you wish or follow that hand with your gaze awesome again lift up and down and again Lift and hold taking a deep breath in Engaging that lower back. Go ahead release the left hand next to the side of your body, and then you’re going to just gently drop that right leg Take a moment. Take a deep breath in exhale slowly lifting into our baby cobra So keep the hips down and try to not engage the glutes and just work the back going to come back down ocean to the hands come on up to your knees and Just a quick little child’s pose here again to release any tension out of the back rounding of the spine in the opposite Direction Good one more deep breath in excellent again deep breath in Coming back into that all force position on your exhale from here Just moving about in a circular motion we’re going to do for each way To bring the hips to the left shoulders to the right And continue to move it just see what feels good for your body here Some of you may feel really good by doing a big circle reverse the Direction And some of you guys may feel the best when you’re doing small movements To see how your body how your spine reacts to this movement? Awesome stopping right in the center. I’m going in to our other side so now left leg extends well the belly button to your spine right arm reaches forward Now imagine like you’re trying to touch something in front of you with your fingertips and touch something behind you with your toes So that lengthening feeling as you hold and engage every muscle in your body Pull the Belly button room right into that Lumbar spine Take a deep breath in exhale Let’s bend that right all those squeeze the right shoulder blade reach up exhale squeeze for two reach exhale three reach exhale four reach exhale five squeeze the shoulder blades six keep it aligned seven don’t let the arm drop a great job hold it release the hand just one pilates push up come back up and Slow bring that chest down release the body try to keep the left leg in the air hold it here Lift the thigh off the mat extend your right arm hold and then release again, let’s Lift and hold and then release look up lift your arm lift your opposite leg and Good one more time lift and hold Release the hand release the leg inhale I’m going to exhale coming back into that baby cobra old engaging the back Muscles try to relax your glutes isolate the back And come back down Let’s take a deep breath in come on up to your all fours position Right back over to your child’s pose again rounding of the spine in the opposite Direction breathing in exhale Come back into your neutral tuck your back toes and slowly let’s extend into our downward Facing dog take your time with this Feel that stretch through the hamstrings allow the heels to sink down And then if it feels good walk out the dog let go of any tension Staying with your breath allowing that sternum to fall towards the ground Right job you guys one more deep breath and let’s press both heels down chest down inhale exhale hold that downward dog Go deeper Go as far as you can with those heels open up through the upper back Fingers are spread open wide Looking to the top of your mat and then step or hop to the very front Coming into our standing forward fold hands at your hips bend the knees remember keep the back straight And then you fold from the hips so all the hinging is happening in the hip region not the lumbar spine This is very important for those of you that have suffered from injuries in the back We want to keep the spine as straight as possible And then if you can see if you can extend the legs you can’t touch the ground keep your hands on the shins otherwise phoebe can fingers reach them out All we’re going to do here is just hold this posture With each exhale allowing yourself to come a little bit deeper that forehead reaching closer to the knees Then just adding that gentle movement of the head side to side up and down letting go of any tension in the neck Go ahead bend the knees and very gently transitioning over to our boat Coming over to your back. Go ahead. Give yourself a big hug a Really big hug to a point where you can reach your elbows with your hands cut that chin in to your knees Stay in this little ball position, and if it feels good on the muscles see if you can add a little rock side to side Again just stay with the breath This class is dedicated to your back for the health and for the strength of the boat So that it can give us longevity in health in our lives All right, let’s bring the hands behind the knees and then start to circle the knees to the right a few times again, this is a great gentle massage for the Lumbar Spine and Then from here go ahead extend one leg all the way to the mat pull the other knee into your chest Let’s take a deep breath in and then on your exhale We’re going to take our spinal twist So to get into the spinal twist you’re going to take that right hand push the left knee across The opposite arm reaches away from you and see if you can follow that arm with your gaze Great spinal twist here staying with the breath listening to your body taking a deep breath in And then exhale switch release come back into that little ball position with both knees circle the knees out and in so like you’re drawing two small circles with each individual knee a wonderful release for the hips here And then reverse the direction the same thing just go the opposite way Pull the knees in out and around oh And then extending the other leg out all the opposite knee into your chest take a deep breath in into your nose and then a long Exhale out through your mouth as you take your spinal twist So opposite hand pushes the knee across other arm reaches and extends the other side So you can look over towards that straight arm? three inhaling into your nose exhale out and Let’s slowly return back into the center. Well the left knee into your chest and then the other knee join me breathy exhale out slowly reaching both arms over your head and Then rolling over to your side and then up to your seated position Come on over to the middle of your mat sit cross-legged Inhale let’s reach the arms up to the sky Then a big exhale out bring the hands to your heart Thank you so much for joining me today on this yoga class Sending you lots of love and light, and I can’t wait to see you again Namaste Thanks so much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video if you like to see other yoga videos feel free to subscribe to our channel and follow us on Social media like Instagram Facebook and Twitter Lots of love you guys can’t wait to see you again. Bye