Yoga Kundalini Ejercicio 04

Yoga Kundalini Ejercicio 04 informs you about the benefits of yoga in an free and open way I recommend you consult the presentation video before starting the exercises SERIES TO RELAX, ELIMINATE STRESS AND NEGATIVITY Lie on your back and move your hips up and down quickly giving a massage to the pelvic area. 2 min. This exercise stimulates the junction of the sciatic nerve which is important for the proper functioning of the pituitary gland. On your back, raise your heels about 12 cm off the floor. Hold the pose for 3 min. breathe long and deep. Keep your head relaxed and on the floor. They say that if you do this exercise well you can manage anything; it removes all toxins, your body will thank you. Remain on your back, raise your left leg to 90 degrees and keep fire breathing for 1 min. This exercise removes toxins and gives your body renewed vigour. Stay on your back and relax the body. Raise your head bringing the chin to chest. Breathe long and deep for 3 min. Lie on your right side and rest your head on the right arm using it as a cushion. Lift your left leg as high as possible and breathe long and deep for 3 min. Lie face down and turn your head so it rests on the right cheek, place your arms at your sides with palms facing upwards. Relax in this position for 3 min. This exercise removes toxins and helps the colon. Remain facedown, grab your ankles with your hands and pull them towards your buttocks. Keep the chin on the floor. 2 min. normal breathing. Again remain facedown, heels together keeping the legs straight and arms relaxed at sides. Raise your shoulders and stick your tongue out if you can, keep it out and breathe quickly through the mouth for 2-3 min.