Yoga Meditation Exercises : Centering for Yoga Exercises

There are also other ways you can center yourself
for your yoga practice. You can use a guided meditation which you can find many of these
online, just Google guided meditations and there’d be recorded meditations and guided
instructions on how to center. There’s also readings you can do, whether be a prayer,
a meditation guide, a book, there’s many resources out there. Another great tool is music. Finding
some very neutral music. Usually without lyrics helps. And also helps focus the mind. The
third way is also through body scanning. And this is a way to just take a check in to where
your body is and where you are to start your practice. So again, finding a comfortable
seat, if your legs are getting tired in this position, a great way to adjust is to grab
your block and set it on the floor between your knees. And the what you’ll do is sit
down on the block, with your knees bend in front of you. And this is another way to take
pressure off of your knees and off of your ankles in such from sitting in that cross-legged
position. And go ahead and fall behind closed eyes, let the shoulders drop down in back,
vertebrae stack one on top of the other, chin drop slightly down and just take a scan of
where your body is, where your tight places are, if you have any muscle tension, cramping.
Where you are at the moment, and take a notice to that. And at the end to your practice you
can reflect back on where you were at beginning and see how things have changed for you. And
these are other centering techniques to prepare you for your yoga practice.