Yoga Poses & Equipment : Yoga for Children

Hi, my name is Ashley Ludman, from Seaside
Yoga, and I’m here today, to talk to you a little bit about yoga for kids. Yoga is such
a popular discipline these days, that you’ll find yoga for every style of class, from babies
to toddlers, to younger children, to teenagers, and so on, so oftentimes, you’ll have different
classes based on age ranges. The recommendation that I would make, would be to actually seek
out a teacher, or find appropriate videos or books, that speak directly to the age range,
in particular. Essentially, yoga is about learning to connect, learning to connect to
your body, movement, breathing, and finding different ways to practice yoga. In a kid’s
mindset, it’s really just about play, so having fun, being creative, learning how to make
different postures with your body. That’s really all that yoga is about, and finding
a reputable teacher, or studio, or a yoga class that is within a gym or community center,
is really big help, because of also the socialization aspect, so finding classes that are appropriate
for your specific age, and being consistent with that practice, that’s the best rule of
thumb, so have fun with your yoga.