Yoga Poses for Headache Relief : Yoga Breaths to Relieve Headache

ELIZABETH ROSE: So this first thing is Dirga
Pranayama which is just a three-part breath. It helps to align the spine and get you in
a relaxed space. You can do this seated in an easy seated pose. If your knees come up
in easy seated pose, you’re going to want to sit on a block or a bolster, just raise
the sits bones until the knees fall down below the waistline. Another way to do this is to
lie on the back. I like to do it lying on the back because I can feel all parts of my
back on the floor. I have my fuzzy faux sheepskin because I like it but you can use anything
you like. When you lie on the back to practice Dirga Pranayama, you want to bend the knees
and place the heels just a few inches away from the buttocks. Okay, here we go, this
is the actual breath. When you inhale, you want to fill the belly with air and exhale.
When you fill the belly with air and you exhale, you’re gonna–also when you’re lying on the
floor, feel your back pressing into the floor. You want to almost think of it as breathing
into the back of your body as well as the front of your body, so your belly button’s
going to move up as your belly expands and your back is also going to press down. Think
of when you see a baby sleeping or a puppy and they let this fill with air when they
breathe every time. So often we breath shallowly or we let our shoulders rise when we breathe,
this breath is going to help the Prana, which means life force, flow more freely in the
body. I’m just going to bring you into a more relaxed state. The first part of the breath
is the belly. So you’re going to inhale into the belly and then once you’ve got the belly
going over several inhales and exhales, in and out through the nose, you’re going to
add the ribcage. So as you inhale, the belly expands and the ribcage expands as well. Can
you see that happening sort of inhale belly and ribcage, exhale ribcage and belly. Now
as you build this breath, the third part is the heart. You’re going to inhale into the
belly, expand through the ribcage, and then expand through the heart. And again you’re
going to feel on your back on the floor, your shoulder blades spreading apart, inhale belly,
ribcage and heart. So it all is expanding and as you exhale slowly soften through the
heart, the ribcage, and the belly. So repeat that breathe several times. You can do it
as long as you like. I say at least 10 breaths, 20 if you’re comfortable there. You can close
your eyes just let everything sink into the floor and breath.