Yoga Poses & Positions : The Bound Forward Fold Yoga Pose

Hi, my name is Cindy Mastry with Yoga Etc.
Studio on behalf of Expert Village. In this clip Faith is going to help us do the forward
fold with a bound twist. She’s going to stand with her feet just a little bit wider than
she normally would in her forward fold and she’s going to inhale and reach her arms up
over her head lifting up through her heart and then as she exhales she’s going to fold
forward allowing herself to fall out of her hips. (Good) She’s going to take her right
arm and she’s going to reach it over towards her left just to stretch through the side
just a little bit and then she’s going to take that right arm in between her legs and
up over to the outside of her hip. She’s going to inhale, lengthen her spine and as she exhales
she’s going to reach her left arm up and around to come into a little bind. It’s perfectly
okay to bend your knee to get into the bind and then you see if you can’t straighten it
a little bit. Then you’re going to use your breath to inhale and lengthen and as she exhales
she’s going rotate her torso and her shoulder open opening her heart and looking up to the
side of the room. (Beautiful Faith, very nice) Then she’s going to release and come back
down, reverse her swine dive on the inhale and exhale back to her standing pose. That’s the forward fold with a bound twist.