Yoga Poses

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my name is Christian Compean I’m a physical therapist fellowship trained in manual orthopedic
physical therapy. Today we’re going to go over some yoga poses. This is just something similar to what you’re
going to see in most yoga classes. We might change up some small nuances but
its a great thing you can do to warm up before athletic activity, its a great way to start
the morning as a stretch and strengthening activity. It’s going to work on foot stability, its
going to work on knee stability, its going to work on hip stability and just kind of
get everything going. So a lot of time before athletic activity
I’ll do my dynamic warm up. There’s a video on that if you want to check
that out. Depending on if I’m doing a lot of running
or lateral mobility that will change what I do in my dynamic warm up. We have videos on that as well. But then this is what I’ll incorporate to
get all those little muscles for balance to kick in and it also just kind of wakes up
my brain to get started. Most sports, most athletics and just life
in general is a single leg sport. You just kind of do one repetition on the
right and one repetition on the left. That includes walking and running. So try this out and see what you think. What is is we start out, and I’ll start
out but you can definitely do this barefoot. You start out with both feet together and
i’ll show you one from the front and one from the back. What you’re going to try to do is lift this
leg up, you’re going to try to reach out. now here I’m not worried about how high
my trail leg is getting up or how far my arms are going up because that’ll just make me
arch my back. I want to reach as far out like if I was diving
out to catch something. A falling baby from a building I want to dive
out as long as I can and I’m going to hold that for about a 5 second count. Its okay to put a little bit of a bend in
this knee. From this position I’m going come back in. Kind of contract and then I get narrow and
tall. I’m going to march up here. Here I want to really think of pulling the
toes up on the right side, knee up as high as I can. If I can break the plane of my waist, great. I reach up as high as I can. Now from the side it looks like this. Start out feet together again. Head pointing forward. Then I’m going to get out. Again its not up here right its straight out
as long as I can. i shoot that back heel backwards and reach
out arms as far as I can. eyes looking should be looking down or straight
ahead. No pain in the neck. Come up. Try to skip touching the ground you can touch
if you need to. Get tall. Pull the toes up here then I reach up, up,
up. Now if I wanted to get more work done in the
foot and ankle I would definitely kick my shoes off and do it there. You can progress to doing this on some sort
of balance pad if you’re ready to advance and you want some more work for the foot and
ankle. Now just start by doing it like this. Another thing you can do if its very challenging
is pull a chair up or pull something up htat you can balance on and just get the movement
going right. Theres absolutely nothing wrong with getting
a little balance going here or getting close to a wall. Here and coming up. A wall is nice because it’ll let you move
your hand up and down. So those are yoga poses. Great way to end your dynamic warm up. stimulate your brain, wake up all those little
muscles. Stabilizing muscles of the hip, the knee,
the foot and ankle and to get your core going. So if this was helpful please give it a thumbs
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we hope you enjoy it.