Yoga Shoulder Openers : Yoga Downward Facing Dog on a Wall

Downward facing dog at the wall. This is a
great way to start practicing downward facing dog, especially if you have shoulder or wrist
injury. It requires much less weight bearing, than if you were doing just downward facing
dog on the floor. This is a great way to begin or if you just want a little stretch, this
is one of the best ones there is. So, you turn to face the wall, step your feet back,
maybe like three feet away from the wall. With your arms out stretched, you’re going
to slide your arms down the wall and walk your feet back, until your torso is parallel
to the floor. Then, you want to actively push your hands into the wall, and as you push
your hands into the wall, engage the muscles of the arms, and use that energy to draw the
shoulder blades into the heart. As the shoulder blades move into the heart, expand with your
breath, and stretch your waist line long. Take a few more breaths here and really find
how the feeling of the inside of the pose, the breath on the inside of the pose, creates
a feeling of opening and energizing.
To come out of the pose, inhale, and walk forward, and then release your arms, down
by your sides.