Yoga Treats: For Good Mornings & Great Breaks

Stand with your feet apart. Line up the outside of the feet with
the outer edge of the mat. Let’s pause here for a brief moment and bring our focus back to the chest. Is it open? Is it comfortable? Keep your legs fixed in place,
extend your arms out to you sides at shoulder height. Rotate your upper body to the right, bringing you a left arm to your right shoulder and your right arm wrapped around your back. Look over your right shoulder as far as comfortable. Return to the starting position. This time twist in the opposite direction. Keep your back straight upwards,
looking back at eye level. Continue dynamically with the movement, twisting from the hips. Kati Chakrasana – Standing Twist Imagine that your hands are like ropes,
swinging as your hips, torso and head twist. As you twist, your arms begin to touch the shoulders marking the top and the sides of the
chest they continued to swing higher, touching
the top of the shoulders and reaching back to the blades. As your head rotates with your torso,
keep your eyes looking straight out. Stretch your arms out to both sides. Chin sinks down, the arms lower down
towards the mat. Inhale, the chin moves back up, as do the arms, until they are pointing up towards the ceiling. Exhale, lower your arms and chin back towards the mat. Plant your feet, pushing them into the mat. Inhale and continue. We are still warming up, opening the chest area. The whole body is dynamic and soft. Experience the dialogue between being closed, versus opening and spreading the body. With the next inhale, open the arms to the
sides at shoulder height. Stretch out as much as you can. Leaning to the right, stretch the left hand up high.
Tiryaka Tadasana – Palm Tree Swinging in the Wind Inhale, moving back to the center Exhale to the opposite direction. At your own rhythm. This time the hips stay rooted in the center. Release the lower of the two shoulders The higher arm stretches upwards
and the eyes look up towards the hand. Feel the shoulder blades opening and the chest, as it spreads apart. Imagine your body between two invisible walls, moving from side to side. One last time. Inhale to the center… Exhale, lower your arms and interlock your
hands behind your back, trying to touch your tail-bone. Stand up tall, feet planted, chest open
and shoulder blades apart. Back stretching upwards Exhale, bend from the hips to a ninety degree angle. Back continuing to stretch,
chest and shoulder blades spread open. Inhale, returning your back… upright. Exhale while moving downwards. Continue. Keep the shoulder blades spread apart and keep your back straight, lowering to a maximum of ninety degrees. For those that are familiar:
Incorporate Mula Bandha Push from the legs as you bring your
back up straight again The head is a continuation of the spine. It remains straight, inline with the back. This will be the last round. Now stand with your feet together,
hands stretched towards the ground. Chest spread open, rounded shoulders, soft shoulder blades.
Interlock the fingers infront of the crotch. Talasana – Palm Tree Pose The arms moving upwards past the heart,
hands rotating, so that the palms face towards the
ceiling, and stretch them upwards. Look straight ahead. Arms come back down. Continue at your own rhythm. What happened in the chest? Inhale, rising up. Exhale moving back down. If you feel comfortable, as you rise up, bring yourself as high as you can until you’re standing on the tips of your toes. Keep your shoulders away from your ears,
with the chest and shoulder blades spread open. Keep them soft and gentle,
as we are still warming up the body. Next time we rise up, remain there. Notice how your awareness and breath can soften your chest from within. Can you feel your heart? Exhale, arms moving downward to the sides of the body, back to their resting place, and observe. Listen to your heart.