YogaVB 5 _ How to do Diamond  pose _ VAJRÂSANA _ Basic Yoga

YogaVB 5 _ How to do Diamond pose _ VAJRÂSANA _ Basic Yoga

Yoga VIKUDO Method YogaV _Basic Yoga Poses Please click the subtilles button to choose your language ! To receive the new video on time, please subscribe to our channel ! Thank you a lot ! Please read it! If you want If you can Please, Practice with me ! VAJRÂSANA _ Diamond pose “Vajra”=Diamond (or Thunderbolt) Diamond is one of the most important meditation pose However, you may also have difficulty performing this posture because the knees are flexed very strongly and, the joints of the feet are very stretched. Benefits: Eliminate circulation disorders of the legs, especially feet Relieve arthritis of the knees and ankles, muscle aches and gout Stimulate digestion To prevent the pain appearing after the meal We can practice it immediately after a meal. EXECUTION Kneel The feet are elongated Close thighs Sit on your heels The knees are tight The head, neck and spine are aligned vertically Put your hands flat on your thighs You can also put hands like that If this posture is too difficult for you, you could use one or two cushions to relieve pain that way Relax the face completely Close your eyes and mouth Focus your mind on your slow, deep breathing in the lower abdomen Stay in this posture for 3 to 10 minutes or more. Thanks for watching and Please subscribe !