YogaVB 8 _  How to do Hero Pose _ VIRASANA _ Basic Yoga

YogaVB 8 _ How to do Hero Pose _ VIRASANA _ Basic Yoga

Yoga Vikudo Method YogaV YogaV Basic Yoga Poses YogaVB Please click the Subtitles button to choose your language ! To receive our new videos on time, please subscribe to our channel, Thank you ! Please read this page, If you want, If you can, Please, practice with me ! VIRASANA _ Hero Posture « Virasana » is pronounced « vi-ra-sa-na » « Vira »=hero, man, leader Benefit: – Relaxing thighs, knees and ankles – Counterbalance of open hips pose, such as lotus pose (Padmasana) – Calm the brain to meditate – Reduces blood pressure Not recommended if … – You have a knee injury – You have an ankle injury Execution Starting from the Diamond pose Move two heels to the outside of the hips Move the calves out of the thighs Lower the buttocks to the floor, between 2 heels If you have a lot of pain in your knee You can sit on a thin cushion, or a folded blanket to raise your buttocks, reducing muscle tension Head, neck, back straight, vertically Push the pelvis forward Chest enlarged Two shoulders relaxed Two thighs close together The soles of the feet are pointing up The toenails touch the floor Put the hands on the knees, or hands stacked before the belly like this. Breathe slowly, deeply in the lower abdomen Practice sitting in this pose for a period of 15 seconds or more to a few minutes or longer Diamond posture different from hero posture Thanks for watching and Please subscribe ! See you !