YogaVT 7 _  Yoga for vertigo | Meniere’s disease _  P1

YogaVT 7 _ Yoga for vertigo | Meniere’s disease _ P1

Yoga for vertigo, P1 This exercise can reduce and cure vertigo and tinnitus caused by diseases that do not require emergency medical intervention However, you should see your doctor soon to get a diagnosis and follow up on adequate treatment for your illness Kneeling meditation Now, for our yoga practice to be effective, we meditate together in a kneeling posture like this. Spread your feet to the sides and adjust both shins so that you feel comfortable and firm in a state of true relaxation. The whole body is relaxed, not stiff. Keep your posture on your knees like this, with your back straight, your chest open, your head and neck straight. Breathe, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen, several breathing cycles. You can close your eyes and with your reflections, observe the movement of your navel, it moves to the outside when you inhale to swell the bottom of your abdomen and it comes in while you exhale as your abdomen collapses. If your reflections follow the movement of your navel without moving towards another subject, it means that you practice meditation very well. Kneeling and Acupressure Then, we continue to kneel and then use a finger for acupressure. Determine the acupuncture point: The point is called “YÌN TÁNG” (印堂) (hall of impression) located in the middle of the straight line connecting the lines of your eyebrows. We use the thumb joint like this, the left hand or the right hand arbitrarily, press lightly on the acupuncture point and place the head on it to increase the pressure. Please note that a light pressure is enough to cause a mild but effective pain, not too painful without being effective. For the previous technique, we practiced a meditation by monitoring the movement of the navel. Now, we are focusing the monitoring on the contact and thumb pressure on the acupressure point. Combine between the head and the finger to make different pressures, stronger and less strong. And, do not forget to always breathe slowly, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen, several breathing cycles Kneeling and rub your wrist Now, continue in the kneeling posture.. we would do it in turn for each hand We first make the right hand. We put the left palm on the right wrist, near the right palm, the left fingers support the back of the right wrist. And now, we just put my left hand on my right wrist like this. For healing to be effective, put the reflections into the massage process, feel the friction and heat spread from the left hand to the right wrist. Always breathe slowly, slowly and deeply, with the lower abdomen, several breathing cycles. Now, do the same for the other hand. Kneeling and Hides the ears, relax the lateral muscles of the neck Continue kneeling. Go, raise my right hand, press my right shoulder to cover my right ear. Then, right hand always, crosses over the head to cover the left ear. Now, pay attention, release the muscles of your neck, your right hand will tighten and tighten your head. your right hand will tighten and tighten your head. from the bottom up, then slightly to the right and down gently. You will feel a very deep muscle relaxation in the lower neck area. Do it slowly and place all your consciousness in the stretched muscle area, along your neck, up to your back. Breathe, slowly and deeply with the lower abdomen, several breathing cycles To get rid of this position, you continue to shake your right hand to hold your head firmly, slowly raising your head to the upright position. Now, do the same with the left hand, pull the head to the left and stretch the muscles of the lower right neck. And, to get rid of this position, you continue to shake your left hand to hold your head, slowly lifting your head to put it back in the upright position. Kneeling and relax the muscles behind the neck Continue on your knees as in previous techniques My hands are intertwined like that, then hugged the back of the head Two elbows closed, head and neck relaxed Now, I used both hands, slowly lowering the head forward, also in the direction of the bow, which means that both go up and forward and I slowly lower my head. Thus, the neck muscles behind and under the neck stretch slowly. Always pay attention to breathe evenly, slowly and deeply, with the lower abdomen during several breathing cycles. To get out of this position, we always use our hands to squeeze the sides of our head and slowly lift our head to reach the original natural straight position. Kneeling and relax the muscles in front of the neck Now, put your hands on each other like this, then, place them on the upper chest, close to the bottom and front of the neck. Come on, slowly, your hands are pressed down on your chest, your chin is facing up to the ceiling, and the front of your neck is stretched at a stretch. Always pay attention to breathing evenly, slowly and deeply, with the lower abdomen during many breathing cycles. Child’s pose Now, we do the exercise to relax forward and put our forehead on the floor. If your back is not comfortable, you can also rest your forehead on a small cushion, pillow, Yoga bricks etc. Hands are comfortably resting on the floor towards the back Breathe in many slow, deep breathing cycles with the lower abdomen. Feel the pressure in the contact area between the forehead and the floor while the abdomen swells and collapses with slow, steady and slow breathing in the lower abdomen. Regulate the spine We bent to one side to lie on the back. Bend your legs and cross both shins, your arms wrapped around the back of the knees. Breathe in your lower abdomen and squeeze your breath, bend your back, squeeze the top of your torso into your thighs and … use your legs to create momentum and roll on your back in the direction of the front and back. Good combination with the breathing of the lower abdomen. This technique has a positive impact on the entire central nervous system along the spine, helping to reduce your vertigo and tinnitus. Corpse posture Finally, before the end of the practice session, you can lie down in this way and completely relax your body. Your mind follows relaxation processes from the bottom of your toes, your legs and hips, your abdomen, your back, your chest, your shoulders, your neck, your face, your eyes, etc. . and is then completely free. Can go to sleep if you want. Wish you to heal quickly Thank you for coming to us Goodbye See you !