Zen Meditation

Buddhism is not a religion, it’s not a philosophy.
It’s not even a way of life. What it is is a collection of teachings; methods
that help us, aid in our wholeness, in our collectedness in this world. Zen is part of Buddhism, it’s one of the methods
or medicine if you like, that very directly brings us in touch with our-self and brings
us in touch with our world. The term enlightenment simply means to wake
up to how we genuinely, authentically are in this connection with this world. The simplest
most focused form of Zen practice is just sitting. We sit here in this posture that
possibly came before Buddhism and yoga. We practice being aware of our surroundings
through the five sense organs, hearing, seeing, smelling, tasting and touching. As we sit,
we allow ourselves to hear sounds, we all thoughts to arise in our being. We let them
be, we don’t react to them, we don’t name them and we don’t make a story about them.
We just let them be and in this way we let go of a sense of being separate, we practice
with all the five sense organs to the outside and begin to experience this situation, this
environment as part of myself. Not separate, not outside. The result of this is that we feel more at
home, more inter-connected with where we are. We also look at the relatedness to the inside
with the sixth sense organ; the mind. Through the mind we find ourselves experiencing our
thoughts from our mind, experiencing our feelings or emotions from our heart, experiencing our
whole body, our action. In the same practice we allow things to arise and we let them be,
as we breathe more deeply and naturally into ourself, we begin to access all these old
doubts, worries, neurosis, etc that come from the past, that are often in our body. These
well up in our consciousness. When they do we do the same practice. Not repressing, not
avoiding. On the other side, not indulging, not making a story about what arises. In this way, we allow this unconscious stuff
to become conscious. These things from the dark corners we’ve been avoiding, not wanting
to own them. We own them in the pure experience without reacting, and in this way they slowly
drift off. Letting them be, they pass by the same way that sounds arise and just pass by. This is the way of burning off this old stuff
that gets in the way of being present and vitally connected. It is a way of cleansing
out or getting our energy to flow normally and correctly. It’s expressed as this posture,
the presence of ourself. There is a radiance and energy in ourselves sitting, our being
embraced in this moment. And at the same time, allows this moment to embrace us. We have the chance to become free of being
caught up in ourself. Or just really self-centered. To be able to function in a constructive sane
way as a human, as part of this world. Zen is simply to bring out the potential that
is in us, that was in us from the beginning as a human being. It’s a matter of letting
go, of becoming free of what’s neurotic inauthentic about us. What is exposed is the genuineness that is
at the heart of all of us. If we only trust this essential point , knows
how to be a human being, then we begin to manifest the potential that is in us to be
a human being and this is what Zen allows us to do.